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Hello, I'm sure that you are searching for water purifier. Water is one of the basic need for every living ones. This days Water pollution is at its pick. to get pure water to drink is very important now a days. Many Disease are occurs due to bad or polluted water drinking.

To avoid this, you can purchased Water Purifier. but there are many water Purifier are available in market. it's become very hard to choose good water purifier. So, to help out i'm going to show you best option to get water Purifier. Here i have Created Best Water Purifier List that can help you. So, choose any one among this best Water Purifier list according to your requirement.

1. HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier



  • Storage Capacity is 4 liters

  • 15 day Advance Alert System

  • Advanced 6 stage purification technology

  • No Annual Maintenance Cost- Save up to Rs 2000/- p.a.

  • Double safety – RO + MF

  • Warranty: 1 year on product

  • Customer Service – 18602101000

2. Tata Swach Nova Silver RO Wall Mounted 4-Litre



  • Purifies up to 2000 TDS

  • Silver action inside for longer cartridge life

  • Auto flush mechanism

  • Zero Contaminant Tank

  • Front panel opening for easy service and voltage spike guard

  • Membrane Type: 50 GPD, TLC; Technology: RO

  • Body Material: ABS; Purification Rate: Up to 8 liters per hour

  • Customer Service Number: 18002585858

3. Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF  6-LitreWater Purifier



  • UV + UF Purification Process

  • Storage Tank Capacity is 6 liters

  • Zero Contaminant Tank

  • UV fault indication

  • Advanced indication panel

  • Front opening Panel

  • UF Membrane Type: 0.01 Micron

  • Installation: Free, Call at 18002585858

4. HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre



  • Advance Alert System

  • Fully Automatic

  • High-intensity UV lamp (11 watts)

  • No AMC required

  • Operating voltage: 90-270 volts

  • Customer Care – 18602101000

5. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier



  • 3 stage advanced UV filtration system

  • The high energy UV lamp

  • UV alarm

  • Operating voltage: 100-300 volts

  • UV Lamp Power: 11W

  • Warranty: 1 year on product

6. Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier



  • Non-electric

  • EAT filter technology

  • Auto shut off function

  • Flow rate is 1LT/min

  • Life of EAT filter: 2200lts

  • Capacity: 6 liters

  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on product

So, this was the list of best Water Purifier. Water Purifier most required thing in now a days to protect your family and yourself. So, bring any one of the above water purifier which suits you best as soon as possible.


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