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Friendship Day is event for enjoying friendship. The day continues to be well-known in various south eastern South American countries for a lot of years, especially in Paraguay, in which the very first World Friendship Day - International Friendship Day was suggested in 1958.

At first developed by the greeting card industry , evidence from social network web sites displays a revival of awareness in the holiday that will have with the distribute of the Web , especially in India , Bangladesh , and also Malaysia . Electronic interaction ways like the World wide web and also phones might be supporting to popularize the custom ,from greeting friends message is simpler compared to before . People who offer the vacation in South Parts of Asia attribute the culture of dedicating a day in respect of friends to have begun in the U .S. in 1935, nevertheless it really times from 1919. The exchange of Friendship Day gifts similar to flowers, greeting cards and also wrist bands is a well-known habit on this event.

Friendship day History

Friendship Day History Importance of Friendship History of Friendship day

Friendship is one relation that has survived on earth since its existence. Even when there was no understanding of a lawful marital relationship, the feeling of companionship always existed. This feeling of companionship is actually the feeling of friendship. It is not merely a relationship rather a unique blend of affection, trustworthiness, care, respect, and loads of fun. In present time, when people do not get enough time from work, the importance of friendship is being understood. This is the reason why people decided a special day to reciprocate this special relationship on a special day in a special way. To know more about Friendship's Day history, read on this article.

The tradition of celebrating Friendship Day has been prevalent since a very long time. However, you may not find much written literature about the history and origin of Friendship Day as for a long time no formal date was assigned top this occasion. Humans have been friends ever since civilization came into existence. As a social animal, a human being needs companionship and friendship. Thus one can say that friendship has existed even in pre-historic times. So, the celebration of an occasion specially meant for friendship is really special.

In the year 1935 the United States Congress announced the first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day. From then on it has caught up with the rest of the world and today everyone celebrates Friendship's Day with much interest and joy. A special day dedicated just for friends is something that everyone looks forward to. The beautiful idea of honoring one of the most pious relations of all, i.e. Friendship, is appreciated by people all over the world. It has assumed the proportion of being celebrated as a festival. Friends all over the world pay tribute to their chums by giving those gifts and other tributes. The best way to celebrate this beautiful day is by spending the entire day with your special pals.

Though till last few decades, this celebration was popular with people of western countries. It is only with the phase of globalization that people in the other parts of the world came to know about this wonderful celebration. This occasion has been commercially much promoted and now, even the smallest suburban area of a third world country is aware of this occasion.

The celebrations are also more or less the same everywhere. People go out with friends and celebrate this occasion by having a gala time together. Exchange of gifts, flowers and cards are popular trends of this occasion. It is estimated that this is one of the most commercially benefiting occasions for the gift and card galleries as millions of gifts, cards and chocolates are bought on this occasion throughout the world. Once started as a small event, this occasion has become as grand as a festival.

In the famous Hindu epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna also displays all the emotions of friendship. The beautiful idea of celebrating a day for friendship has been gaining momentum ever since the inception of the relationship and today, it has acquired the status of being one of the major festivals celebrated by people at large. People all around the globe pay tribute to their friends for being there whenever it was needed the most. Use this special day and make all your friends know that you care!


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