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Speech on Environment

We now have given different speech on environment for the pupils. Almost all the environment speech usually are written with quite simple and simple language. Speech are generally written in large amount of terms capability according to the students require as well as need. You may choose any one of the speech provided below based on your requirements.

Best World Environment Day Speech 2016 for Student

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speech on world environment day 2016

First of all, I wish a pretty warm great day to each of you located in this conference. I appreciated everyone with a lot of pleasure to take part here. At present we have been getting together here to enjoy the World environment day. At the start, let me tell something regarding the World environment day.

World environment day is recognized on 5th June each year. The need is to improve global awareness about our environment. Did you know when the World environment day has got started? During the year 1972, the United Nations Meeting on the Human beings environment was used from 5th June to 16th June. Thereafter, year after year on 5th June, it is often created and hosted by several nations worldwide with various themes.

This year’s theme of World environment day is "fight against the illegal trade in wildlife” Likewise, in 2011, the theme was “Forest- nature at your service”; in 2010, it was “Many species, one planet-one future”. In 2009, the theme was “your planet needs you-unite to combat climate change.”

We all know the value of our environment. It has all the living beings in world, that are simultaneously depends on one another. However because of the pollution due to humans, a lot of species have become extinct and the global environment is also modifying at an extremely quick rate. It’s affecting human health as well as likely to provide a long run impact on our coming future. We know that huge numbers of people in the world rely upon jungle for their livelihood. Each and every life staying is based on plants. One the plant creates their meals themselves. Yet, we folks are degrading the jungle a lot.

In in the year 2011, our nation (India) is the global host of world environment day. Since I have said that this year’s theme is "fight against the illegal trade in wildlife” should anybody determine what is the "fight against the illegal trade in wildlife?” the well-being of mankind, the environment, along with the performing of the financial position, eventually rely on the important power over the planet’s sources. But yet, research is constructing that we are taking much more natural resources as compared to what the earth can sustainably give.

I will not make it a long speech. I wish to tell just one thing about this big event that make sure to place trees as many as you could , just because we rely on tree completely .Make sure to grow a minimum of one tree in the special day such as on the birthday , anniversary and etc. .

Finally, I must say thanks to each of you again to recognition me for a guest on this great conference.
Thank you all.

Environment day Speech 2

Firstly I want to say good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers, and my dear friends. As we all know that we gathered at this point to celebrate this auspicious event, I like to talk over the environment to be able to make you aware of our constantly decreasing environment so that all of us together can be effective in preserving our environment by using certain helpful actions. As we know that we live on the planet of earth having different types of surroundings called environment within which we can eat healthful, take breaths fresh, and stay in safety. But, what happens to our lives if any way of organic or manmade causes of environment degradation occurs, we can’t think about the extent of loss to the human being and other life beings existence. The ecology balance and natural cycles has become disturbed that is quite hard to restore and give it an all-natural structure. However, there is a common saying that “prevention is better than cure”, so we never gets tired of attempting our best to save the environment.

Physical environment across the globe provides all of us a favorable needed condition and supports the existence and development of numerous kinds of life here. Natural or physical environment is given by the nature however all kinds of the living beings together constitute another environment called biological environment. Each of the environments is strongly connected to each other and makes a unique natural system for the life survival. If the biological environment gets disturbed, physical environment automatically gets disturbed and both hugely affect the human lives together. Another environment which is completely depending on the human is socio-cultural environment made by the human beings. Whatever environment is, it must be healthy, safe and secure to continue the evergreen life on the earth in present and future.

We should realize our mistakes and concern about the environment in order to keep it clean, safe and secure for the healthy life. Many of the human activities like deforestation, industrialization, and technological improvements and so many are leading our environment towards danger and keeping lives at risk by influencing the growth, development and survival of all organisms. Various types of environmental pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, etc. are disturbing the ecosystem and causing variety of health hazards to the human beings and animals. Environmental pollution is damaging the ecosystem and destroying the delicate balance of the natural ecosystem. So , now-a-days environmental pollution is the matter of great concern and consideration for which we all together follow some effective steps and carry on until problems gets solved completely .

Thank You

3rd Speech on world environment day

Good morning to the Excellencies, my respected teachers and my dear friends. As we have gathered here to celebrate this occasion, I would like to speech over Environment. To run the life in healthy happy way, we all need a healthy and natural environment. Continuously increasing human population adversely affects the forests. Human beings are cutting forests to a great extent for making their home to live securely however they do not think of the problems arises due to the lack of forests. It completely disturbs the natural cycle between environment and life on the earth. Because of the over-population, the number of various chemical elements is increasing in the atmosphere which ultimately causes irregular rainfall and global warming. We cannot imagine the negative effects of global warming over the climate and lives of human beings and other living species.

According to the research it is found that the perennial snow mountains of the Tibet were totally covered by the thick snow in the past however those thick snows are getting very thin day by day over last few decades because of the global warming. Such condition is very dangerous situation and indication of end of life on earth which needs to be taken very seriously by all countries worldwide. It is very true that climate change goes very slow however slow continuous process is very dangerous. Because of the regular changes in the environment physical structure of the human beings and other living species has been changed from generation to generation. Increasing human population needs more land for agricultural cultivation and living purpose which force them to cut more trees and forests so the deforestation has its own dangerous side effects.

Increasing level of industrialization has countless harmful effects on the atmosphere because of the poisonous chemical emissions and dangerous wastes drainage in the big water resources such as Yamuna, Ganga, and other rivers. The ever changing (negatively) environment is not the issue of only some countries or government; it is the issue of whole human fraternity because we all are the reason of this negatively declining environment so we all are responsible to save our natural environment for the healthy survival of life on the earth. Protecting the atmosphere is the matter of high importance for all the present and future generations of mankind. The main purpose of my speech today over the environment is only to increase the public awareness among common people about the reasons of declining environment as well as need of healthy and natural environment for the life on earth. So, it is my humble request to all of you that please contribute to save your environment.(Environment Day Speech)

Thank You

Short speech on world environment day

World Environment Day ( generally known as WED ) have been began recognized as a yearly event on every 5th of June since 1973 to be able to increase the worldwide understanding regarding the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human beings lives , to fix the environmental problems by applying certain positive environmental steps along with to create aware normal public worldwide that everyone is responsible for preserving his environment and not just someone , authorities or organizations working for it .

World environment day was very first recognized to be celebrated annually by operating certain helpful promotions by the United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the conference on Human Environment began from 5th to 16th of June at United Nations in 1972. It had been very first time celebrated in 1973 with the specific theme “Only one Earth”. From 1974, the celebration campaign of the globe environment day is managed in various cities in the world.

It is a huge annual celebration began by the United Nations General Assembly to engage huge numbers of people from various nations around the world along with get notice of political and health organizations to apply several helpful steps.
Why World Environment Day is Celebrated

World environment day yearly celebration strategy was started to face the huge environmental problems like wastage and losses of meals , deforestation , raising global warming and so many . Each year celebration is prepared in accordance with the specific theme and slogan of year to bring success in the campaign around the globe.

It is celebrated to effectively obtain carbon neutrality , specializing in the forest management , lowering greenhouse impact , marketing bio-fuels growth by planting on degraded lands , utilization of hydro-power to improve electrical power production , motivate general community to make use of solar power water heaters , power generation by solar power resources , creating new drainage techniques , marketing coral reefs and mangroves restoration to be able to obtain prevented from flooding and erosion including other ways of environmental maintenance . A few of the goals of the world environment day campaign are pointed out below:

It is celebrated to get aware the normal public regarding the environmental problems.
Motivate general public from various culture and communities to positively take part in the celebration along with become an energetic agent in growing environmental safety measures.
Make them aware that community persons are very essential to reduce harmful changes toward the environmental problems.
Support people to create their near surroundings secure and clear to enjoy risk-free, better and successful future.

Thanks you

speech on world environment day in hindi

"बात अगर वैश्व‍िक संकट की हो तो भले ही किसी एक व्यक्त‍ि का निर्णय बहुत छोटा लगता है, लेकिन जब अरबों लोग एक ही मकसद से आगे बढ़ते हैं, तो बड़ा परिवर्तन आता है।" संयुक्त राष्ट्र के महासचिव बान की मून की यह बात भले ही आपको छोटी लग रही हो, लेकिन बात जब पर्यावरण की आती है, तो ये दो लाइनें दो किताबों का रूप ले सकती हैं।

जी हां 5 जून को विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में दुनिया भर में कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन किया जायेगा और उन सबका मकसद एक ही होगा, "पृथ्वी बचाओ।" पर्यावरण दिवस का इतिहास एक समय था जब अलग-अलग देश अपनी-अपनी सीमाओं में पर्यावरण की रक्षा की बात करते थे। लेकिन जब संयुक्त राष्ट्र का गठन हुआ तो यह चर्चा वैश्व‍िक हो गई और 1972 में यूनाइटेड नेशन जनरल असेंबली ने 5 जून को विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस के रूप में मनाने की घोषणा की। इसका मुख्य मकसद प्रकृति और पृथ्वी की रक्षा करना और पर्यावरण को बेहतर बनाना। आज के दिन दुनिया के लगभग सभी देशों में स्कूल, कॉलेज, विश्वविद्यालय के स्तर पर तमाम कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन किया जाता है, ताकि आने वाली पीढ़ी पर्यावरण की रक्षा का महत्व समझ सके। लेकिन दुनिया में और क्या-क्या होता है, इससे अभी भी हजारों लोग अनभ‍िज्ञ हैं। तो चलिये बात करते हैं, पर्यावरण दिवस से जुड़ी ऐसी बातों की, जो शायद आप अबसे पहले नहीं जानते थे।

पर्यावरण पर्यावरण गीत (एंथम)

"अर्थ एंथम" को लिखा है कवि व भारत के राजदूत रहे अभय के ने, जिसे जून 2013 में लॉन्च किया गया था। इस गीत का विमोचन..........

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  3. What exactly called to world environment day?
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  4. First of all let me tell you that WED is not a one event or celebrations, it's whole year event.

    Now, JUNE 5 is celebrated as WED to raise global awareness about the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives. to solve the environmental issues by taking some positive action.

    it's celebrated to overcome huge environmental issues like wastage and losses of food, deforestation, increasing global warming and so many.
    read this for more info : WED info

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